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An East Tennessee event planner
that provides a world class
level of service for our clients. 
We coordinate quality events in
Knoxville, Tennessee. 

We are not locked in by guidelines passed down by cooperate.
It is our job to find the best possible way to present your event. 
We have been referred to as
Dream Weavers​

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Talking with T is a radio talk show designed to Engage, Educate, Empower and Encourage its listeners with Trending Topics, Noted News, Interviews, Community Updates and more​​​



Our mission is to give artistic voice to the issues and dreams of people who have been silenced by racism, classism, sexism, ageism, homophobia and other forms of oppression. 

The company works in partnership with other community artists, activists, cultural workers, storytellers, leaders and people who are simply concerned, creating original works through collaboration in a style based in storytelling and song.​

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There is a local minority small business that wants to help you.
Being an older community the residents sometimes need help. I know I do, from time to time. Residential Property Management is on my speed dial. Nice, friendly and skillful young people come and do things so much faster than it would take me. My yard looks good. Everything in my house is tight and I don't have to visit the doctor. So if you have those home improvement projects you really want done. Give Residential Property Management a call  865 356 1179​


Sols Magazine Inc Enterprises is about a Vision to empower families who have deceased children, special needs children, incarcerated family and the homeless families in transition. The magazine and this page will represent those who need some inspiration by reading stories and quotes to uplift their spirits because they are not alone. 

Sherri Williams the founder is transparent and is sharing her story with the world. It has not been easy, but she is willing to lay her self aside and be a blessing to others. It took Sherri 20 years to heal and go back to her children's grave site. 

Sols Magazine Inc has a goal to Bless the Est Knoxville Community with a skating rink for families and the youth. There is no recreational facilities on the east side of town to give the youth something to do. Sols Magazine Inc want to give back to their own hometown and make a difference in the community. Help us in our efforts to get a vision, impact the community, go back to your hometown and buikd it up with waht;s missing for our families.


SEEED creates pathways out of poverty for young adults through career readiness training, while equipping communities with environmental literacy skills.


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