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TSU Marching Tiger Band Marches in Austin-East homingcoming parade



DJ VON's New Years Eve Bowling Night

We will be bringing in the New Year with and bowling Twist
One price includes Unlimited Bowling, Food and Champagne
bring your party Favors, hats and decor

More Info coming soon. RSVP!!!!!!

See you there!!!!!!​​

Jeanine Fuller
​​back at
The Hard Rock Cafe

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Very excited to be coming back to Hard Rock Cafe!
We'll be closing out 2016 with a mighty, funky bang!
Not to mention, we'll be celebrating the birthdays of my dear beloved musician, 

Sam Adams
 and my oldest daughter's birthday is on this very day! Joined by my band, "The Boiz", Sam Adams on keys & guitar, Adrian Mastin on bass & Daniel Ryan on drums. You know you wanna come party with us on the last Friday night of the year! NO COVER! Open to all ages!

Hard Rock Cafe Pigeon Forge
2050 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee 37863
New American Restaurant

(865) 430-7625







 As I have said in speeches across the country a thousand times, "America, are you really America to me? America, are you really the land of the free and the home of the brave?"

SNCC, 1960-1966, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi

The March on Washington 

as remembered by 

Avon Rollins Sr.


Four decades (40 years) is a long time to look back and remember, but my years in the movement are years I will never forget. In 1963, I was involved in organizing demonstrations in Knoxville, Tennessee; Danville, Virginia; Chapel Hill, North Carolina and other places in the south as a member of the Executive Committee of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). SNCC was one of the vanguard organization of the civil rights movement and propelled other civil rights organizations into action. It was SNCC that orchestrated and initiated the demonstrations in Danville, Virginia; Birmingham, Mississippi; and Alabama and brought the other civil rights organizations into the movement including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King was the symbolic leader of the civil rights movement. In 1963 I went to jail in Knoxville, Danville, and Chapel Hill as a result of my involvement in the civil rights movement and demonstrating in southern cities. I have been jailed approximately thirty (30) times.

After the March on Washington, I went back to Knoxville, Tennessee, shuttling back and forth to Danville and Chapel Hill, Birmingham and Selma, Alabama, points in Mississippi, Greenwood and Greenville. The civil rights movement was a real eye-awakening experience for this youngster from Knoxville, Tennessee. Prior to my experiences with the civil rights movement, probably the furthest south I traveled would have been to Chattanooga as a youngster with the Junior Elks Drill Team or north to Washington, D.C. as a safety patrol. So my experience in travel had been very limited.​

It was an eye-opening experience to go into the deep south and to Mississippi and watch African-Americans have to descend from the sidewalks as whites approached, and where blacks knew that it may mean death if they looked at white people in the eye. They dropped their heads or looked the other way as whites approached. It was an eerie experience. I shall never forget the dogs, fire hoses, armored tanks with machine guns, baseball bats, the beatings, the shots fired at us, the deaths — all to give African Americans the opportunity to freely exercise their rights under the Constitution of the United States.

I have spent my life never far from those days 40 years ago. I moved from marching and demonstrating to the avenue of social change by economic development and parity for African Americans. As I have said in speeches across the country a thousand times, "America, are you really America to me? America, are you really the land of the free and the home of the brave?"

Forty years ago, the answer to that question was no. Forty years later, as we begin a new millennium in two thousand and three, I still asks, "America, are you really America to me? America, are you really the land of the free and the home of the brave?" The answer to that question is: forty years later the unemployment rate of African-Americans is still twice that of whites. The per capita income of African-Americans is approximately 60% of their white counterparts. The mortality rate for births of African-Americans is still drastically high. African-Americans comprise approximately 13% of the population in Tennessee, but comprise more than 50% of the prison population! So the answer to that question, America is still not the land of the free and the home of the brave for the African-Americans who have contributed so greatly to this great nation.

America and the world owes a great debt to those young idealistic revolutionaries of 40 years ago who marched and protested to make American a better America. The names that follow are not inclusive of all but only a partial list of the heroes and heroines:

Annie Pearl Avery, Faye Bellamy, Sam Block, Julian and James Bond, Ben Brown, H. Rap Brown, Stokely Carmichael, James Chaney, Charlie Cobb, Courtland Cox, Connie Curry, Doris Derby, Daniel A. Foss, Ralph Featherstone, Betty Mae Fikes, Mildred Page Forman, Joanne Grant, Lawrence Guyot, Prathia Hall, Fannie Lou Hammer, Bill Hansen, Curtis Hayes, Jimmie Lee Jackson, Bernice Johnson, June Johnson, Rev. Matthew A. Jones, Sr., Matthew A. Jones, Jr. Dorrie and Joyce Ladner, Bernard LaFayette, Worth Long, Bob Mants, Bob Moses, Charles McDew, Diane Nash, Lester MacKinney, Martha Prescod, William Porter, Willie Peacock, Cordell Reagon, Gloria Richardson, Willie Ricks, Cleveland Sellers, Charles Sherrod, Sam Shiraz, Frank Smith, Ruby Doris Smith, Hollis Watkins, Stanley Wise, Bobbie Yankee, Bob Zellner.​

The Tennessee mountain resort towns of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge were under mandatory evacuation orders as multiple wildfires swept through Great Smoky Mountain National Park Monday night.

Wind gusts up to 70 mph frustrated fire crews battling at least 14 fires burning around the towns in Sevier County, which are gateways to the national park and home to dozens of popular tourist attractions. Among them is Dollywood, the theme park owned by country music legend Dolly Parton.


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W James Taylor


Vicissitude, the core expression of my artistic exploration, Is based on an abstract geometrical triptych expressing what I felt and experienced as a young man in the south of the 1960's. It is my hope to engage my audience with subliminal imagery to tell the stories I feel should be preserved as a reflection of who we are and the brevity of our ancestral sacrafice and struggle for freedom.​

Watering Hole

Strange Fruit
Royal Blu


n-perisha​ble food item or bagged or canned dog or cat food donation in addition to each ticket to help other local non-profit organizations Mission of Hope, Young-Williams Animal Center, and Knox County Office on Aging’s Knox PAWS program. 


Residential Property
There is a local minority small
business that wants to help you.
Being an older community
the residents sometimes need help. 
I know I do, from time to time. 
Residential Property
Management is on my speed dial. 
Nice, friendly and skillful young people come and do 
things so much faster than it would take me. 
My yard looks good. 
Everything in my house is tight and I don't have to visit the doctor. 
So if you have those home improvement projects you really want done. 
Give Residential Property Management a call 

865 356 1179


Star 102.1
 Your #1 Hit Music Station! 
Marc & Kim in the Morning, 
Becca James in Middays and 
Da Bailey in Afternoons! 



Our biggest problem right now is people look at our community as. Dangerous, Unloving, Ghetto, dumb or even stupid. Regardless of all the times we have represented this town as champions. Not only in sports but in every aspect. We need to take back our community. Run these people from other places causing trouble out. 
This is happening because we have a bad image. If you don't see it, people are tired of the thugs making us look bad. The OG's are getting active to stop all this. Wake up East Knoxville we are a powerhouse being held back because we look Bad. Knoxville has seen what we can be. Let's show Knoxville who we are as people

​​​Beck Cultural Exchange Center, Inc.​​

Beck Cultural Exchange.jpg ​
A primary repository of blackhistory and culture in East Tennessee, was established in 1975 and 2015 marks our 40 Year Anniversary! To celebrate this tremendous milestone Beck is inviting the entire greater community to join us in commemorating the Eighth of August at Chilhowee Park on Saturday, August 8, 2015.
Beck is the storehouse of African-American history and, Beck is unique in that, of all of the black museums across the country, none has the collections that Beck Center has; not one can come close. The Beck Museum is a beautiful spacious and magnificent facility, which has a vast collection of both Permanent and FeatureExhibits. The exhaustive collections that Beck has and continues to amass allow the museum to rotate ​exhibits on an ongoing basis without end.
Beck is a must see historical, educational and cultural experience and is a major tourist attraction. Since the founding of Beck, our broad cross-section of exhibits, artifacts, and, memorabilia, captured in a variety of styles and formats, have captivated the interest of visitors of all ages.


Shop Small with
Harper's Naturals
at 2425 Martin Luther King Jr Ave 37915
from 1:00 - 4:00.
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$3 soaps
$8 body scrubs
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$2 lip balms

My purpose is to teach how to
handle all financial matters
with wisdom: workable budget,
produce more/spend less,
proper tax preparation and more 

Frank's 2.jpeg
(865) 384-2119



The Godfather of Soul, James Brown.
WJBE is continuing the vision 
will do so by offering you the best
in around the clock classic soul music, 
plays a dual role by also keeping
you aware of current news with programs such as 
Never before has education been so easy,
for WJBE gives you the opportunity 
keeping you current about local and national news. 




Radio Program 

Week Of 11-12-2016

By Captain Boogie

click here  



In order for democracy to flourish, citizens must be active participants in their government and their community. They must also be encouraged to think critically and must be free to express themselves. Community Television of Knoxville (CTV) promotes these democratic ideals by providing access to the necessary equipment and training to provide effective communication through the use of cable television.

Providing Public, Educational and Government (PEG) programming not available anywhere else, program topics on CTV address a wide variety of issues related to local and global concerns, including the arts, living with disabilities, environmental issues, local government, historic preservation, physical & mental health, lifestyles, municipal & political affairs, religious & spiritual issues, sports, travel, recreation and more.
808 State St. 
Knoxville, TN 37902

Monday - Friday: 9am - 9pm
First Fridays: 9am - 5pm

(P): (865) 215-8848
(F): (865) 215-4337

email: ctv@ctvknox.org​




Pennie and Foot.jpg Q). Why should I sign up for your service when I already have several social media accounts?
A). A & R Reps and talent seekers don't have the time to look search through the millions of social media accounts looking for talent. This site compiles videos from all over the Internet into one area and promotes them directly to the A & R reps, independent record executives, club owners, event planners and more. 












​Our main goal is to be the leader in the internet radio industry from Coast to Coast and around the world.

 Our focus is on  continuous improvement of our station, our programing and our people.

-  By aggressively committing to enhancing the creativity of our products thereby increasing not only the value for both our customers and our listeners but also bringing

a new standard of entertainment or rather edutainment  that's focused on improving the communities that we serve.

-  We'll continue to expand the necessary technology to pro actively respond to this ever-changing communications  industry and set the new standard of responsibility that is not just geared on making money but making a difference

-  Our focus committing our resources to ensure that our product meets and exceeds the needs of our listeners therefore creating real value for our customers

What Makes Us Different

We were guided by a higher power to not only establish this company but with our various backgrounds of marketing, sales, broadcasting and more we are prone to bring an extra level of value and integrity to every aspect of this business and with his help we will be the premiere communications company from Coast to Coast and around the world.​






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