(A.I.) The Era Of Artificial Intelligence Marketing

Updated: May 23

I’ve been implementing AI into my marketing arsenal with the assistance of my company Royaltie for about 6 months now and I must say that I’m impressed with the results and how fast AI learns through repetition and constant usage.

What do I mean by that you ask, well, AI technology learns more and more and teaches itself more and more about your specific niche the more it’s used on the Royaltie platform and the numbers are quite impressive. It saves me a ton of work seeing that it now creates my social media content, email marketing, location-based marketing and so on.

AI marketing is still in its infancy and some people are still a little hesitant you incorporate it into their marketing efforts however I’m here to tell you that it’s been a Godsend for me and my marketing work on and offline. Actually AI has been around for decades but not really paid too much attention to until recently that’s why I said it’s in its infancy, what I meant is in the last few years it’s being noticed more and more.

Some companies and people are finally seeing the amazing benefits of AT as it relates to marketing, the medical field and just about everything else. AI is about to change the nature of marketing altogether in my book, AI is changing the way marketers interact with clients and customers alike.

Royaltie is first a technology company who has been working with AI for years, first, we had the gems, they were physical small items about the size of a quarter that we carried with us that sent a signal a few hundred yards out to people who had their Bluetooth on, then last year we stepped up our game to a GPS signal with a notification to people about our business.

If you’re interested in what we at Royaltie Marketing do feel free to stop by my page and take a look at the short video.


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