Bring Back Home Economics Class Because Our Kids Lack Basic Life Skills

Over the decades as academic curriculums are being “updated”, there have been consistent complaints that a lot of the things kids are taught in schools these aren’t very practical in real life. These complaints aren’t completely out of place. 

While children are being taught how to solve complex mathematical and scientific problems, which are all quite great, not many schools bother to teach them the essentials of home management and the basic skills required to keep one’s life in order. Whiles some schools may give children the option of choosing the classes they are interested in, some courses should not be elective but compulsory. Many children would grow up to have no idea about nutrition, sewing, cleaning, laundry, gardening, cooking, and even asset management.

These home management skills can indeed be acquired at home where parents ensure that their children pay attention to these responsibilities. However, the educational system can do a better job of preparing these students to survive in the real world.

It’s more than just home management

There’s more to home economics than merely cleaning and sewing. Children learn how to manage their assets, finances, understand the concept of tax and learn how to better interact with other people in their communities. 

In one case, a mathematics professor claimed that her college students had no idea that after acquiring a property, they would pay tax on it as long as it belongs to them. She had to diversify the scope of her course to include some other materials that would be helpful to her students in the future. 

Nowadays, we have students who can compose a sonnet of Shakespearian caliber but lack the skills to prepare their taxes or handle their basic finances.

This all sums up to a stark imbalance in the educational system. Millions of students graduate all over the world every year with little to no “real-world” knowledge. 

The curriculum needs to be reconsidered

Home economics is a broad field of study that deals with the essential skills required for home and asset management and the relationships between individuals, families, and communities. They learn life-long skills and are inducted into a world of responsibility where they would be fully capable of handling their own lives.

In general, there is plenty to be learned in such classes. The classes can include cooking, time management, budgeting, and even shopping. Through these classes, the students can learn how to better use their strengths and resolve their weaknesses, and get better outcomes from their hard work.

Every parent would be proud of a child who knows how to budget properly before taking a trip to the grocery store or the mall. A child who knows what a “scale of preference” is and has the discipline to keep to outlined items. 

Teaching home economics in schools would help children to become more independent and confident.

A time will come when these kids would have to make important financial decisions that can affect the rest of their lives and those of the families they start.

There is a need for academics, but skills like cooking, sewing, budgeting, time management, and so forth would also go a long way to help these kids have more successful lives.

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