Social Media Marketing Done Right

This blog is all about my personal experiences with social media marketing after years of experimenting with trial and error.

First I had to figure out what social media was and how I could get leads organically. In the beginning, it was simple, you could just post and the Google Spiders would index your social media post and you were on the top pages of Google for your title and keywords.

Then all of a sudden Google came out with an algorithm that crushed all that and we have what we have now, pay to play social media. Getting social media traffic is a beautiful thing when done right but that’s the rub, what’s right and what’s wrong?

What Social Media Traffic Is Not: First of all, nothing is free anymore and you’ll have to pay to play if you want traffic now on social media and trust me when I say that it builds up over time. You’ll also have to understand each social media site because they all have their own algorithm rules.

Not An Overnight Deal: Social media traffic and trust is not an overnight thing, it takes a while of being consistent for people to be able to trust you and you also have to be where your target market is. One of the worst things you can do on social media sites is to spam the living daylights out of them.

In closing, if done correctly and knowing this will take time and some money it can be achieved, for instance, I tell beginners that they can start by going to Facebook and doing a test by boosting an ad or post for just $5. No need to start wasting money without testing your ad, that way you can always go back inside the ad to tweak it if it’s slow or not getting noticed at all.

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